Aluminum Base PCB


This option is set for how many circuit layers in your design. Please try to design your board with fewer circuit layers because multi-layer board is not cheap.

1 Layer

The maximum length and width of your board. Dimension limitation is minimum 10mm and maximum 500mm for an online quotation. Contact us for additional sizes.

PCB Quantity:

The quantity of boards you require. If it's panel, please input the panel quantity.

  • Other Quantity: (Between 100 and 100k)
  • Other Quantity: (Between 100K and 10M)
    Note: After you submit the enquiry, one of our sales representative will contact you for further business discussion.
Total area:
Separated different Design:

Number of separated different designs included in your Gerber file. Please learn more if you are unsure about the amount.

Panalization Type:

If you require panelized PCBs, you can either define it by yourself in your Gerber file or we can help you define it (for our help please select, “Custom”).

Single Board As in My Gerber Files Custom
X: Y: Tooling Rail:
mm on direction
Thermal Conductivity:
1.0W/(m-K) 1.5W/(m-K) 2.0W/(m-K)
PCB Thickness:

Board thickness tolerance is +/-10%. Solder mask and copper plating will make the boards thicker.

1.0 1.2 1.6 2.0
Solder Mask Color:

Note: The silkscreen color is white for all solder mask colors except the white solder mask. For white solder masks, the silkscreen is black.

White Black Green
Copper Thickness:

This parameter is for the Top/Bottom layer circuits’ copper weight.

1oz 2oz 3oz
Surface Finish:

Extra process to exposed copper to help solderability.

HASL HASL (Lead Free) ENIG (Immersion Gold) OSP
1U" 2U" 3U"
Gerber File:

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Pricing And Build Time

PCB Cost:
Build Time Total

PCB Cost:


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