Standard FR4 PCB Aluminum Base PCB SMD-Stencil Quote

SMD-Stencil QuoteOrder together with PCB

Stencil Type

Frameless stencil without aluminum frame, the dimensions equal to the valid area.

Frame Frameless
Stencil Dimensions

Please make sure your PCB size is within the valid area. Especially, the stencil size should be at least twice the PCB size of the option "Top and Bottom".

Stencil Side

The option "Top and Bottom" means both are on the same stencil.

Top and Bottom Top Bottom Top and Bottom (On Separate Stencil)
Stencil Quantity

The quantity of stencils you require.

- + PCS
Fiducial Mark

Fiducial Mark is designed to help the SMT placement machine to check the location.

None Half Lasered Lasered Through
Polishing Technique

BGA plating is also called Electropolishing. If your board has BGA, we highly recommend you to choose BGA Plating.

Polishing Electropolishing
Gerber File
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Pricing And Build Time

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Production Time
2-3 working days

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